The Sami Fisher Blog talks RNC with real life Republican Dallas Conner

I’m no political expert, but the Republican National Convention definitely took place in Cleveland this past week.

Here at The Sami Fisher Blog, we cover the big news. That’s why I decided to reach out to my unofficial political consultant, friend from college and Republican person, Dallas Conner, to talk about the RNC.

The Sami Fisher Blog: Dallas! Tell us about your political self.

Dallas Conner: Well, my name is Dallas Conner, an active Republican party member for the past five years. I’ve been an operative on several political campaigns from county commissioners to congressmen, even knocking on doors during presidential campaigns.

Dallas Conner 2032. (Image provided by Dallas Conner)

TSFB: Who were you rooting for to get the Republican nomination?

DC: Originally Rick Perry, but … for a majority of the primary season I supported and campaigned for John Kasich.

TSFB: Kasich is the Governor of Ohio and this year’s RNC took place in Cleveland, Ohio. Kasich didn’t show and I believe he also refuses to endorse Donald Trump? Am I right?

DC: He hasn’t outright stated he won’t endorse Trump, but has effectively avoided doing so. In essence, “refusing to endorse.”

TSFB: What about you? Do you endorse Kasich’s avoiding to endorse Trump?

DC: I do, because I believe Trump is a RINO (Republican in Name Only). Though I agree that he has brought forth some much needed social policy reform … his antics (have) ruined the party and (are) not the standard of the GOP.

TSFB: Well, looks like the RINO is officially the Republican nominee. So let’s get into that, and the RNC. Tell me about the whole controversy from day one of the convention.

DC: The controversy comes from the chairman’s determination of who won the voice vote (for the delegates to vote on convention rules, allowing them to “vote their conscious” and therefore not for Trump)… (The chairman) decided that the side who wanted to keep the rules won…Voice votes essentially mean whichever side makes the most noise wins the vote. If the voice vote is too close to call, a tally vote should be taken. Many believed the voice vote was too close to call.

TSFB: Is a voice vote standard for things like this? Seems more like a way to win a talent show.

DC: Well, you have to remember it’s a convention with over 2,500 “voters.” Trying to do a tally vote for everything, it’d take a week just (to) get through the procedures.

TSFB: Makes sense, but the most talked about event from day one was definitely Melania Trump’s speech. What are your thoughts on the Michelle Obama likeliness?

DC: Likeness is an understatement. It was clearly an excerpt from Michelle’s 2008 speech. I never believed that Melania actually wrote her speech … but I thought it was a non-issue blown up by the news media and social media. She’s not running for office and it doesn’t (matter). It was about as important as what designer she was wearing that night.

TSFB: True. It made for some funny memes, but wasn’t politically important. The big news from day two was that Trump got the official Republican nomination for president. Can you believe it?

“A true testament to the opulence of Trump’s personality and what the campaign is really about: A show stopping legacy for him to leave behind.” – Dallas Conner on Trump’s RNC entrance. (Image Source)

DC: I believe it has happened, I just can’t understand how it happened. I understand the resentment for the political class in Washington, but the nomination of Trump shows that … voters … simply want change.

TSFB: Change at drastic measures… Well Trump has the support of many, including his primary competitors and day two RNC guest speakers Chris Christie and Dr. Ben Carson. Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz also spoke on day three, but neither gave an “official” endorsement. My first question in relation to this is, do you think Ted Cruz is the Zodiac Killer?

DC: Hahaha, absolutely. 10-year-old Ted Cruz was going around San Francisco killing people left and right.

TSFB: His speech left some audience members feeling wounded though, he was booed off stage. Seems like a lot of mixed feelings among Republicans.

DC: Many believed the only reason (Ted Cruz) was going to speak at the convention was to endorse (Donald Trump), but that obviously wasn’t the case. In my opinion, Cruz did nothing wrong. He didn’t bad mouth Trump, and I don’t blame Cruz for not endorsing after what Trump did to him during the primary season.

TSFB: Good point. The RNC ended with Trump’s speech. Did you catch any of it, and if so, what’d you think?

DC: I caught the tail end of it. The goal of the convention was to showcase a “unified party” when that’s nowhere near what we have. His speech was … authoritarian… That mentality is why so many people distrust and dislike Obama. The one thing I did like is that when the “lock her up” chants began (about Hillary Clinton), he dismissed them and replied, “Let’s beat her in November,” which is a much more noble thing to say. But, overall, I give it a four out of ten.

TSFB: That’d be an F on a quiz. But our professors did always say to at least try, because anything is better than a zero. With that analogy, do you think Trump has a shot at passing the class aka winning the presidency?

DC: I honestly do. I think that even though his campaign demonstrates its incompetence on a daily basis, enough people are pissed, …  they’ll vote for anything different.

DC: The Hitler Effect.

TSFB: Are we comparing Trump to Hitler rn?

DC: We are.

DC: And George Wallace.

TSFB: OH. It’s lit.

TSFB: Did I miss anything major from the convention?

DC: Don Jr. was lit as fuck and gave a bomb ass speech.

TSFB: Is that on the record?

DC: Yes it is!

Donald “Don” Trump Jr. at the RNC. (Image provided by Dallas Conner)

DC: So frat.


TSFB: That is slick, can’t be a clip on.

DC: Right?

TSFB: So, sum up the RNC in three words for me.

DC: Ludicrous elephant fail.


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