The Sami Fisher Blog’s Guide to Record Store Day

Christmas is April 22, 2017 and Jesus will be born in the form of limited edition record releases. Get ready for this holy holiday that others know as Record Store Day. This year marks the 10th consecutive year of Record Store Day, which is an event dedicated to the independent record store. In an era of digital releases and music streaming, the physical copy and actual store was at major risk of dying out, but die-hard music fans kept the independent record store alive with this holiday and their ever-expanding vinyl collections.

Here at The Sami Fisher Blog, we love a good ole fashion CD and record collection, as well as supporting local businesses and musical artists of every genre. Record Store Day embodies all of this; your local record store is booming with business and your favorite artists are putting out incredible must-have pieces of music. Everyone wins on Record Store Day, and we’re going to help you win by letting you know about the best of the best of the best (because they’re all really the best) Record Store Day releases to look out for this year. If you want the complete list of Record Store Day releases, you can visit the official website and view the master list here. You can also find the record store nearest to you that’s participating in Record Store Day here.



Andre 3000 “All Together Now”

Format: 7″ Vinyl

Label: Sony Legacy

Quantity: 5,000

Uhm, hi, hello, I should not have to explain how extraordinary this Andre 3000 cover of The Beatles is. It was first heard on a 2010 NBA Finals Nike commercial, but now you can hear it during your very own heavy rotation session. The B-side is a previously unreleased instrumental version. Too tight.


Art of Noise “All Together Now”

Format: 12″ Vinyl

Label: Music on Vinyl

Quantity: 1,000

Oooh fuck yeah. Probably the two most popular Art of Noise songs, this limited edition vinyl release is purple and going to be very good, lemme tell ya.


Atomic Bomb Band “The Atomic Bomb Band (Performing the Music of William Onyeabor)

Format: 12″ Vinyl

Label: Luaka bOP

Quantity: 1,400


David Bowie “BOWPROMO” and “Cracked Actor (Live Los Angeles ’74)”

Format: Vinyl Box Set and 3 x LP

Label: Parlophone

Quantity: 5,000 each

The late and great David Bowie has two RSD releases this year. Check out “BOWPROMO,” a replicate of an original promo collection put out by Bowie’s manager in 1971, and “Cracked Actor (Live Los Angeles ’74), a previously unreleased live recording from September 5, 1974.


Danny Brown “Ain’t It Funny”

Format: 10″ Picture Disc

Label: Warp Records

Quantity: 1,300

Danny Brown’s “Atrocity Exhibition” was named The Sami Fisher Blog’s Best Album of 2016. One of the standout tracks is “Ain’t It Funny,” which received a music video directed by Jonah Hill a few weeks ago that you must check out. For RSD, Danny Brown will release a limited edition 10″ picture disc of “Ain’t it Funny,” containing the studio version, an acapella version, an instrumental version and his Clams Casino collaboration titled “Worth It.”


Jimi Hendrix (Curtis Knight) “Live at George’s Club 20, 1965 &1966”

Format: 2 x LP

Label: Sony Legacy

Quantity: 3,000


Sharon Jones with The E.L. Fields Gospel Wonders “Heaven Bound” b/w “Key To The Kingdom”

Format: 7″ Vinyl

Label: Daptone Records

Quantity: 2,500

Composed and sang by Sharon Jones, this release is the very first gospel funk recording from the late legend. Jones paired up with E.L. Fields and The Gospel Wonders for these tracks recorded in the late ’70s.


Paul McCartney and Elvis Costello “Cassette Demos”

Format: Cassette

Label: Capitol Records/Ume

Quantity: 2,500

This three-song cassette release is of Paul McCartney and Elvis Costello’s “Flowers in the Dirt” demos. These limited edition cassettes are the first time these recordings are available in the same form as when they were originally cut directly to tape back in the day.


Dolly Parton “Puppy Love”

Format: 7″ Vinyl

Label: Yep Roc Records

Quantity: 1,500

Our lord and savior Dolly Parton is putting out one of her earliest recordings from 1959. This release is an as-true-as-can-be replica created by Yep Roc Records in collaboration with Southern Folklife.


Pink Floyd “Interstellar Overdrive”

Format: 12″ Vinyl

Label: Sony Legacy

Quantity: 4,000

Yeah, Pink Floyd still has unreleased music existing in this world. This special record is a previously unreleased 14:57 minute recording from 1966.


Prince “Little Red Corvette/1999,” “Sign O The Times,” “I Wish You Heaven,” “Partyman,” “Pop Life,” “I Could Never Take The Place of Your Man,” and “Batdance”

Format: 7″ Picture Disk, ???, 12″ Vinyl, ???, ???, 12″ Vinyl, 12″ Vinyl

Label: Warner Bros.

Quantity: 5,000, 3,000, 3,000, 3,000, 3,000, 3,000, 3,000

PRINCE. Even though that should be enough for you to geek out, here’s more information: the “Little Red Corvette/1999” release has been out of production since 1985, “Sign O The Times,” “I Wish You Heaven,” “Partyman,” “Pop Life,” “I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man” and “Batdance” are all maxi-single reissues.


Sia “Spotify Sessions”

Format: 12″ Vinyl

Label: RCA

Quantity: 2,000

Streaming and physical copies can exist in harmony. This Sia special release includes popular hits such as “Elastic Heart” and “Chandelier,” all recorded live during a Spotify session.


Swet Shop Boys “Sufi La”

Format: 12″ Vinyl

Label: Customs

Quantity: 1,000

So excited for this one. It’s an all-new EP from the incredible Swet Shop Boys, who’s last release earned the third position on The Sami Fisher Blog’s Album of the Year list.


Various Artists “Space Jam: Music From and Inspired by The Motion Picture”

Format: 2 x LP

Label: Atlantic Catalog Group

Quantity: 3,500

Ross Ellis 12

Various Artists “Really Rock ‘Em Right: Sun Records Curated By Record Store Day Volume 4”

Format: LP

Label: ORG Music

Quantity: 3,500

Put together by record store employees themselves, this is the fourth edition of the Sun Records Curated by Record Store Day series. Artists featured include Howlin’ Wolf, Jerry Lee lewis and Johnny Cash. Very groovy.

There’s also some other very cool releases from The Kinks, The Notorious B.I.G., Iggy Pop, The Zombies and SO many more. I’d list them all if I could. Do you have any favorites I didn’t mention? Let me know (Images Source).


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