So I ordered that Instagram bathing suit…

How do you even write a lead for this? I ordered that Instagram bathing suit everyone is flipping their shit over. There, I said it.

Here’s the obvious story, on the historic afternoon of May 3, 2017, I checked my Instagram. A friend re-posted the infamous red bathing suit photo with a cryptic caption. I tapped the tag to see what that was all about. A company called Sunny Co was giving away free bathing suits (excluding shipping and handling) to Instagram users who repost their photo and tag @sunnycoclothing. So, and I hate myself for this, I reposted the image too. This is so painful, owowow.

I’m not new here. I know how marketing works. I went to college. I have Poshmark, I use depop, I get it. Having a giveaway and asking followers to share your post is one of the most common ways online stores advertise their products (follow me on Poshmark and depop btw lol jk… but like). As soon as I noticed that hundreds of thousands of Instagram users were reposting the image, I deleted my photo, but kept an eye on Sunny Co’s Instagram page.

I also wandered over to Sunny Co’s website to discover that the website is run by two men. Yeah, hi guys? Their names are Alan Alchalel and Brady Silverwood. Who knew? They’re two business major seniors in college who started off selling college skirts or something? I’m not sure what that’s all about because I have a degree, but apparently college skirts are a trend and these business boys sold a bunch of them. Then, they decided to venture into bathing suits. As of right now (I’m writing this on May 4, btw Now I’m editing it on May 25 lol), they’re completely sold out of all of their suits, even though the giveaway was only for one of their products.

All suits ordered from the promotion will ship within 3-6 weeks from the date of the order being placed, as promised. If you have not received your suit yet and you ordered during the promotion, don't worry because it is still coming! You will receive a email notification of shipment along with a tracking number once your order is shipped. If you haven't already, please take a look at the FAQ posted on the home page of our website for any other questions or concerns you may have. This picture above was taken in Mission Beach, CA, days before the launch of our company. Alan is on the left and I (Brady) am on the right. On August 8, 2016 , Alan and I came together to start a clothing company. We called it Sunny Skirts and we only had two skirts on our website. We spent the next 8 months learning all about business and grew a strong customer base in Tucson, AZ. In those 8 months we sold our skirts to girls at over 28 different colleges. On January 1st, 2017 we introduced our new bathing suit line and rebranded as Sunny Co. Between our company launch and May 1, 2017, Sunny Co. received under 1,000 orders. On May 3 ,2017 our company received over 50,000 orders in 35 minutes. We had started the promotion in hopes of giving away a few bathing suits to our small fan base at the time. We did not foresee how big this would get. We came into this whole thing with only good intentions. In hindsight, it's easy to point out how we could have done things differently. If you are angry with us, I can understand why.  Alan and I are currently doing everything we possibly can to please our customers! Our Sincere Best, Brady and Alan

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I assumed these boys weren’t sewing these suits themselves, so I looked around online to see where else this bathing suit could be found. I found this suit on Amazon, which was the closest I could find to the one Sunny Co was offering (called “The Pamela Sunny Suit“). This suit from Amazon is sold by Dippin’ Daisy’s. Dippin’ Daisy’s swimwear is made entirely in the U.S., so I hoped the same for Sunny Co. Sweatshops are fucked up and I am not here for that bullshit. If you aren’t either, shop second hand as much as possible and be picky with where you buy clothing from, btw. Buying brand new clothing has many negative effects on international human rights, international relations and our environment. But wow I should have taken my own advice, huh?!?! Sunny Co does not state where their clothing is from, but let’s hope for the best.

But anyway, this free bathing suit offer spread like wild fire and there was absolutely no way Sunny Co could supply a free swim suit for every individual who reposted their Instagram image. Had Sunny Co not been run by two college guys, they would have tossed in a “while supplies last” post instead of saying “EVERYONE” could enjoy the free promotional offer. I think people may be under the impression that they actually sold hundreds of thousands of suits. That’s not the case. They sold 50,000. Hundreds of thousands of suits is more like some Victoria Secret or Target level stuff.

Needless to say, Sunny Co sold out pretty quick. Instead of DMing everyone the promo code they promised users would receive, they ended up posting the code to their Instagram after 24 hours of the red bathing suit madness. They obviously didn’t anticipate the post going viral. If you were them, would you have? I assumed people would rush the page, so I visited Sunny Co’s website a little bit before 3 PST (they kept saying they were on MST… like they don’t know they’re in California or something…) and entered in the rumored promo code “sunny” and bought my item.

The Pamela Sunny Suit was obviously not free. The original cost was $64.99, which should tell you right there it’s not the best swimsuit in the world. The promo code gave me $64.99 off of my order. Shipping costs before the promotion were $8.99, but Sunny Co added in a “handling cost” as the time neared closer to 3 PST, and also an additional $1 for Alzheimer’s research (bringing the shipping total to $12.98). I genuinely hope that $1 goes towards Alzheimer’s research because they made a mint and Alzheimer’s is an awful, awful disease that takes too many lives of our loved ones. That would be really nice. A silver lining?

(Image Source)

Anyway, $12.98 is a decent price for an OK seeming swimsuit? Based on the Dippin’ Daisy’s photo, and the photos on Sunny Co’s Instagram, the swimsuit isn’t the best. It seems baggy on the sides, like side boob on steroids, and probably won’t be appropriate for actually swimming in. Maybe not even wearing in public. Gotta be careful when it gets windy. But I ordered it and it’ll be on it’s way one of these days. Sunny Co explained that they have a shitload of orders and customers should expect to have their merchandise shipped in three to six weeks, with additional delays potentially anticipated.

Fair enough. I’m currently not as mad as everyone else seems to be? I ordered the swimsuit in black in a size medium. If you guys want, I will let you know how the suit is if/when I receive it if. I was honestly looking for a similar style bathing suit, so I thought this giveaway would be a decent thing to go for. I paid $12.98 for the most controversial swimsuit since the first bikini.

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