Ranked: The looks from the season nine queens at the RuPaul’s Drag Race Finale

The RuPaul’s Drag Race season nine finale took place on Friday, June 23, where Sasha Velour was crowned America’s Next Drag Superstar!!! Yay!!! If you follow The Sami Fisher Blog on Instagram or Twitter, then you already know I’ve been a Sasha fan since the beginning. But I also want to extend a congratulations to the top four, and all of the season nine queens, for slaying the season.

Last year I made a list ranking the season eight queens’ looks from the finale and I thought I’d continue the tradition this year. So, behold, a ranking of the looks (including red carpet, finale, lip sync and crowning looks) from the season nine queens at the RuPaul’s Drag Race Finale:


23. Peppermint Crowning Look

I’m sorry, but damn girl. This is what doing the most looks like.


22. Peppermint “Stronger” Lip Sync

(Image Source)

This look was rough around the edges, but I loved the vision. Peppermint killed the reveal, but it wasn’t a great fit. Ugh, Peppermint, I’m so sorry (and I’m also sorry about the image quality, couldn’t find any still shots so I had to screenshot the video).


21. Valentina Red Carpet

Maybe this ranked so low because my expectations were so high, but this missed the mark for me. There’s no crystals, the hair and the mesh flower shoulder piece clash, I don’t like the shoes, the blue shadow isn’t right with the color of the dress… I don’t know.


20. Peppermint Red Carpet

I’m sorry Peppermint!!! I like this look, but it isn’t grand enough. Something about the fabric is too matte and the fit isn’t giving me the stunning silhouette I know we could have here. Plus, the visible hula hoop under the skirt is pEEVING me.


19. Eureka O’Hara

I love this, it’s very drag and over-the-top. However, it could have used some refining. The full sleeves and the headpiece make the look appear super top heavy. And the hashtag clutch feels forced. This is so cool though.


18. Nina Bo’Nina Brown Finale

I don’t like saying negative things!!! But this remind me of a prom dress… I wasn’t wowed or blown away. You can’t tell in this photo, but the dress was ankle length. I would have preferred shin length or knee length, that would have been more interesting. Or at least floor length.


17. Valentina Finale

Look at the second photo please, hahaa. I can’t find any more photos of this look, but it is much improved from Valentina’s red carpet look. The blue eyeshadow makes sense now, the dress is a beautiful texture, the hair makes sense, the color is stunning, there’s crystals galore. It’s good!


16. Sasha Velour “So Emotional” Lipsync

There is absolutely nothing wrong with this look. However, we’re ranking here! The “So Emotional” lip sync was the best moment of the entire evening in my opinion, but this look isn’t as epic as the ones following. But it’s a lip sync look, not a red carpet gown, so what are you gonna do?


15. Aja

I love this from the lace down. The shoes, dress, accessories, makeup, everything is perfect. But the wig is not great. You can’t tell in these images, but the back of the wig didn’t really fit right. We saw a little kitchen. However, if there was different hair on this, it would be flawless.


14. Jaymes Mansfield

*Squeak noise* This is very Jaymes and very cute. Love the puppet, the earrings, the hair, and the dress. The fit looks a lil funky but that fabric is a bitch. Overall it’s wonderful.


13. Trinity Taylor “Stronger” Lipsync

(Image Source)

This is a killer lipsync look. The outfit is perfect for moving in, the reveal is so Trinity it’s stupid, and I want these boots. Plus that’s a pretty decent size heel for somersaulting in. Love this.


12. Charlie Hides

This is fucking stunning. Charlie hand-made it herself and it fits to a T. Some people critic the fact that she always wear her name, but what’s the big deal?? I like it, it’s campy drag and it’s always done in a really interesting way. This necklace is really cool. The whole outfit is amazing from hair to heels.


11. Nina Bo’Nina Brown Red Carpet

Listen, I really love this. It may not have been epic enough for the finale of RuPaul’s Drag Race, but when it’s right it’s right. The hair is laid, the color is too good, I love that thick ass necklace and the heels are a great final touch. Part of me wants to rank this even higher, but it’s the RPDR finale… Sue me???


10. Cynthia Lee Fontaine

I’ve never been more ready for cucu. I think Cynthia looks absolutely perfect.


9. Farrah Moan

Fuck it UP, Farrah. Farrah always looks stunning and I thought this particular look was very appropriate for the drag race finale. It isn’t my favorite, but you can’t say something this good looks bad.


8. Peppermint Finale

This looks like some fucked up shit out of Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory and that’s exactly why I’m in love. As you can tell by this list, I’m not usually a fan of Peppermint’s clothing choices. However, this look is solid. Peppermint’s club kid runway was her best look in my opinion, and this is a cool glamour version of that in a way.


7. Kimora Blac

Showing up to the RuPaul’s Drag Race Finale dressed as someone else (Kim Kardashian in this circumstance) doesn’t seem like a good idea, but then you have someone as hot at Kimora Blac and you just have to let it slide. This is perfect from head to to toe, what more is there to say?


6. Shea Couleé Red Carpet

I love what we were going for here. However, the color is the only issue here. Black velvet is a stunning fabric choice, but it gets washed out on red carpets. It’s hard to see details and can make for a forgettable look. If you can’t tell by the image, this is a jumpsuit with a cape-like section of fabric at the waist. It’s incredible, but hard to see. Picture this look in royal blue or red and try not to gag. That would have been immaculate. Feel me?


5. Alexis Michelle

Daaaamn. There’s nothing more to say.


4. Shea Couleé “So Emotional” Lipsync

This is another incredible example of a moveable lipsync look, that is also so fucking good. Shea looked so hot, and with the hair??? Shut it down.


3. Sasha Velour Red Carpet

Queeeeeeen. This is a perfect look. You don’t need to present an hourglass silhouette to do drag. This is very Elizabethan without looking boring or uncool. The color is perfect on her and all these details are eye-catching. Those sleeves ahh. Ugh Sasha I love you wtf.


2. Trinity Taylor Red Carpet

I was debating between who should get the second place spot. Either Sasha’s red carpet or Trinity’s. But I had to give it to Trinity. Just fucking look at this. The details are so intricate, she’s synched so much I’m in pain looking at it, the hair is everything, I love the jewelry, the silhouette is inhumane… I also love that her tattoo is exposed, Pulse is always in our hearts. You’re a 10, Trinity!


1. Sasha Velour Crowning Lipsync

The number one spot goes to none other than the current reigning queen! When Sasha walked down the aisle for the final lip sync in this look, I actually gasped. Like a literal *gasp* in real time. And the red lip, and the reveal, and holy fuck. Plus the movement of this dress was beautiful. It’s flawless. Congratulations Sasha Velour!!!!


Do you agree with my list? Disagree? Let me know!!



  1. I agree with your list except for number 11. This looked didn’t tell me she was coming for the Grand finale. It gives me a “it’s raining Nina” kind of vibe. I almost expect her to undo the belt and reveal corset/body suit combo.

    Liked by 1 person

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